February 12, 2018

My favorite chair needs help! Should I have it re-upholstered?

Heirloom Stool

You have a beloved chair that has been like part of the family. You look at it one day and realize that it cannot stay here in its present state!

Maybe the fabric is extremely worn from being everyone’s fave, or faded from the sun, and has become an eye sore. Or maybe you have changed the design style in this room and the fabric on the chair no longer works.

Is this chair worth re-upholstering or does it get moved to the curb?
There is no right or wrong answer. But let’s weigh the parts of this decision, most of which are cost-related.

BEFORE: Original fabric on rocker

This rocker was a find at Home Goods. When the client re-decorated the bedroom in which it was being used, the rocker still met her needs and she had no desire to shop for a new one.

AFTER. This rocker was reupholstered as part of an update to a bedroom. Custom pillow brings it into balance with the space.

We re-upholstered with a grey basket weave fabric that is highly durable, so if rocker ever changes rooms it will likely coordinate with other rooms. Seat cushion was re-wrapped and padding was added to arms.

If you still find the chair to be comfortable, and the style still fits with your other furnishings, new upholstery could be the solution.

Before Slouchy Chair

Homeowner wasn’t ready to part with this chair even though the fabric was worn & stretched. This chair has “good bones” and still very comfortable.

After Slouchy Chair

A bit of a departure from the original style gave this chair a fresh look! We replaced the skirt with welt to show off the legs. The original semi-attached back cushion was converted to “fully detached” and not tufted to hold it’s shape.

We also need to consider the heirloom pieces! You inherited a piece from a beloved family member that has lots of memories attached. If you cherish this piece and can find a space in your home ( and heart! ) I almost always recommend to re-upholster.

Heirloom Stool

This tiny antique footstool was used by several generations and falling to pieces. We shored the base for stability and added fun leopard print chenille fabric and nailheads so that it now coordinates with other furnishings in the room!

What to keep in mind when making your decision?

Cost Involved?

So you have that piece that says YES! I want to re-upholster. We would love to work with you! We can visit your home with fabric samples and consult on style changes and upgrades. Then arrange pick-up, and re-delivery when the piece is complete!

We offer an extensive line of upholstery fabrics from Barrow Industries, as well as their Be-Relaxed©
Pre-treatment to resist stains.

Ready to get started on your reupholstery project? Contact B Burton Custom decor today!


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