Somfy Motorization

Somfy LogoSomfy® is a third-party company that focuses on motorization for shades and blind systems. Somfy’s motorization systems allow for motorization and easy-to-use home automation within shades, blinds, vertical blinds, awnings, curtains, and more. This allows for an incredible amount of ease and versatility for your business or home.

Make those out of reach areas in reach

Have you ever had a skylight? If so, then you know that having shades for all or some of these skylights can be a priority, as sunlight can pour straight through and become harsh on you, your family, your pets, and your furnishings. You also know that cumbersome pole systems for skylights can be annoying and hard to use. This is an excellent example of when home motorization can make things much easier for you!

With Somfy’s motorization systems, you can control your home with the ease of a remote or even directly from an app on your phone. You can control your systems even when you’re not at home or your office. Can’t reach that skylight? Reach for your phone or your remote instead!

Automatic Sensors

Somfy also allows for the installation of automatic sensor components. If you ever wanted a window shade that comes down at a certain time of day or during certain lighting conditions, an automatic sensor may be right for you. That means no more glare from your windows during sunny days while you’re trying to work!

Alexa Somfy IntegrationIntegrates right with Alexa

With the Somfy myLink skill, you can even use voice control to raise and lower your shades. That’s right, all you’ll have to do is say “Alexa, ask myLink to open bedroom shades” and Alexa will do all the work for you.

With technology ever growing, we expect Somfy to include Google Home Assistant support soon as well. We’ll be sure to keep you updated, but you can always control your Somfy shades from the myLink app available on iOS and Android devices.

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